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Save Energy, Carbon, and Money

What We Do

Generate Savings

We help our clients understand their total energy usage and identify energy savings opportunities. We focus on hydronic systems; water heating, solar thermal and radiant heating systems for commercial, multifamily, institutional, and industrial applications. 

Reduce Your Utility Bills 

Our team of engineers and energy professionals will analyze your energy usage patterns to identify energy savings opportunities. Hit the link below if you wish to have your utility bills reviewed for opportunities for savings. We develop projects with your energy and financial goals core to the project.


Continuous Commissioning

 We keep Green Buildings from Going Grey. Core Energy Group provides clients with an expert engineering team equipped with diverse skills to meet various challenges across industries and building types. Starting with a detailed hourly analysis of your utility bills we can tailor a plan to reduce your total bills. 

Annual Preventative Maintenance

We can help ensure your existing energy assets produces the energy savings they were designed to deliver.  Whether it's Solar PV, Solar Thermal, Boiler or Radiant heating system, Core Energy Group can improve your existing energy asset's value and reduce your operating costs.

San Diego & San Jose

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